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If you like beer and have a sense of humour, listen to the Pubcask!

38: GBBF – funny name and pump clips                                                                                         The guys visit the Great British Beer Festival for the 2nd day and embark on an experiment of choosing beers solely by their name and pump clip. To find out how they got on and why Rob hates hats so much, listen to the Pubcask. Be warned there are terrible puns throughout.

37: GBBF 2016                                                                                                                                          The guys get together for the first time this year for their annual visit to the Great British Beer Festival at Olympia in London. They attend on the first day and review their favourite beers and the festival as a whole.

36: Chelmsford Summer Beer Festival                                                                                            Rob & Daniel (Two of the Three Musketeers) embark on a day out to Chelmsford Summer Beer Festival. The sun is beating down as the guys work their way through a variety of milds, stouts and barley wines.

35: Dublin                                                                                                                                                 This episode is all about the guys trip to Dublin. They discuss the craft beer scene, pubs in Temple Bar and whether Guinness really does taste better in Dublin.

34: Guinness Storehouse, Dublin                                                                                                      Recorded live from the 5th floor of the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin the guys discuss pouring, tasting and all things Guinness.

33: Great British Beer Festival – Day 2                                                                                            In the 2nd podcast from their visit to the Great British Beer Festival in London the guys talk to fellow young beer enthusiasts, Jon has a go at one of the traditonal pub games and of course they drink lots of real ale.

32: Great British Beer Festival – Day 1                                                                                            The guys take their annual visit to Great British Beer Festival in London. In the first of two podcasts they talk to fellow drinkers about the Champion Beer of Britain, Rob has another one of his rants and they taste lots of real ale.

31: Edinburgh                                                                                                                                                  The boys ventured north of the border and spent a weekend in Edinburgh. They visited a variety of pubs and tried lots of excellent Scottish beer. They also climbed mountains, ate haggis and even did a whisky tasting.

30: Woodbridge                                                                                                                                                 In this special 30th edition the guys embark on a christmas outing to Woodbridge. They visit the best pubs in the town and try to pick out a favourite as well discussing what the point of mushy peas is.

29: Briarbank Beer Festival                                                                                                                            The boys reunite for the August Bank Holiday Weekend and go to the beer festival at Briarbank Brewing Company in Ipswich. This episode features a live tasting session as well as an interview with head brewer Rob.

28: The Great British Beer Festival 2014 The guys are reunited for the biggest beer festival of the year. This episode is recorded live from London Olympia and they discuss the Champion Beer of Britain Winners, their favourite beers of the day and the challenge of eating a 20 inch Bratwurst.

27: Chelmsford Winter Ale & Cider Festival 2014 This episode is recorded live at the festival where the guys discuss the selection of beers and what it is like to be drinking in a school. It also features a live performance from Blur, well sort of.

26: German Bier Festival, Alexandra Palace The guys are reunited after a long time apart and they attended the German Bier Festival at Alexandra Palace in London. What promised to be an Oktoberfest type event was not all it was cracked up to be.

25: London Craft Beer Festival 2013 In this episode the guys take you through all the fantastic beers at this great little event. After an afternoon of drinking it seems that the strength of the beers has an effect which makes this podcast an entertaining listen.

24: The Great British Beer Festival 2013 Jon and Rob visited GBBF on the Thursday and reveal their favourite beers live from London Olympia.

23: Briarbank Brewery The guys visit the newest establishment in Ipswich and record a live podcast in the pub on a busy Friday night. They discuss the  strict door policy, the fancy decor and of course the beer.

22: 22 Pubs In A Day The guys set themselves a challenge of visiting 22 pubs in a day. Would they have enough time? In this tour of Ipswich you will hear recordings from each pub and find out how they got on with their liver defying challenge!

21: The East Anglian Beer Festival 2013 In a visit to Bury St Edmunds the guys talk about their favourite beers, Morris Dancers and much much more.

20: Adnams Brewery Tour On this milestone edition the guys visit Adnams which is one of their favourite breweries. They discuss the Brewery Tour in detail as well as what else Southwold has to offer.

19: Trip to London In this episode the guys are on a day trip to London and visit a variety of pubs, from modern Belgian bars to traditional London boozers and of course the day wouldn’t be complete without visiting The Euston Tap.

18: Colchester Winter Ale Festival 2013 The guys talk about the beers on offer, the lack of seating arrangements and a few local pubs they visited afterwards.

17: Christmas Beer Special In this festive edition the guys are trying a selection of bottled Christmas Beers. There is the usual informative views and witty banter as well as a little treat from Jon at the end.

16: Trip to Woodbridge                                                                                                                                      This episode is all about the guys trip to this picturesque little town in Suffolk where they sampled the finest pubs in town.

15: Trip to Norwich In this edition the guys visit some of the finest pubs in the city including the Trafford Arms and The Belgian Monk.

14: Trip to Clitheroe On a trip to the North West Jon went to see big pubcask fan and his brother Chris. He took Jon to his favourite local pub The New Inn and they tried a variety of real ales at ridiculously cheap prices.

13: Halloween Hobgoblin Special In this spooky special the boys visit St Judes Tavern on its reopening night and undertake their very own Hobgoblin tasting session. The episode also features a dog, a pumpkin and lots of laughs!

La Trappe Tasting Session In this episode the guys tried five varieties of Trappist beers from the Koningshoeven Brewery in the Netherlands. The La Trappe’s all tasted completely different which evoked varying opinions amongst the group.

12: Ipswich Beer Festival 2012                                                                                                              This episode features Jon talking about what the festival is like as a customer as well as behind the bar as a volunteer. It also has an exclusive interview with the Festival Organiser Gary Hale.

11: Harwich Beer Festival 2012 The guys visited the beer festival at the Redoubt Fort hosted by Harwich Town Brewing Co. They discuss all the different varieties of beer as well as plastic glasses, morris dancers and hog roasts.

10: Beer Tasting Event, London To celebrate the 10th podcast the guys go to London and do a live beer tasting. They also talk to Justina Cruickshank who ran the event and is the owner of Tasty Beer and Craft Beer Social Club.

9: The Brewers Arms / St Judes Tavern                                                                                     Talking about a recent Friday night out the guys discuss a stout tasting of oranges, an approach to play Dominos and the meaning of life according to a pub reveller!

8: The Mulberry Tree / The Greyhound This episode focuses on the guys trip to a new pub The Mulberry Tree and an old favourite The Greyhound. They discuss technical problems, bad grammar and of course real ale.

7b: Interview with Derek from Beers of Europe This is an extended interview with Derek from Beers of Europe in Kings Lynn. He walks us around the shop as we ask questions about beer as he discusses his favourite beers and breweries.

7: Beers of Europe The guys talk about their trip to Beers of Europe in Kings Lynn. They discuss beers purchased and review some recommendations from Derek who is one of the shops owners.

6: The Lord Nelson This weeks episode features the guys trip to the Lord Nelson in Ipswich where many interesting topics are covered including stolen bikes, cheesy chips and of course the  choice of Adnams beers.

5: The Fat Cat, Norwich This podcast comes from Norwich where Jon is visiting Matt and they go to his local the Fat Cat. They discuss the pub’s atmosphere and of course what beers it has to offer.

4: The Dove Street Inn In this episode Jon is joined by regulars Daniel and Rob and newcomer Todd. They are all gathered at the Dove Street Inn and are trying a variety of ales which brings some very mixed opinions and fantastic descriptions.

3: Live Beer Special The guys are joined by newcomer Adam and everyone has brought along some Ales they received for Christmas. They are gathered around Jon’s house and to try each others beers and rate them.

2: Wetherspoons                                                                                                                                                  In this episode the guys discuss a recent trip to The Golden Lion and Robert Ransomes in Ipswich. They also talk about St Judes Tavern opening up and finally Daniel has a frank opinion about the Steamboat Tavern.

1: Woodbridge / The Dove Beer Festival In the first ever podcast Jon is joined by regulars Daniel and Rob. They discussed a recent trip to pubs in Woodbridge and the recent  beer festival at the Dove Street Inn.

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