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Yorkshire Heart Brewery

Hi Everyone

Yes we know it has been a while since the last post. Babies, travelling, jobs and life have got in the way.

Anyway, when I was staying in Harrogate in October for a week I got to visit some great pubs and try loads of wonderful beers. One day I visited Otley a small market town between Harrogate and Leeds and popped into The Curious Hop which is a speciality beer shop selling an array of bottled beers from around the UK and Europe as well as a rotating range of keg beers to takeaway in Growlers. The Curious Hop is a lovely little shop, check them out here.

I decided to try something different and local so I picked up four bottles from Yorkshire Heart Brewery.

Yorkshire Heart Brewery is based in Nun Monkton which is a picturesque village just off the A59 to York. It’s a family run business with a vineyard as well on site.

I’d like to try some more of their beers such as Molly’s Chocolate Stout which is a strong chocolate stout at 7% with a puppy on the label. I’m also interested in their series of Game of Thrones beers which include Red Wedding an amber ale and Beyond the Wall a pale ale.

Get Pithed Golden Ale 4.2% not my favourite style of beer but this is a decent golden with a hint of a good orange citrus taste.

Darkheart Mild 4.0% odd sweet beer with an unpleasant flavour it doesn’t taste like smooth rich treacle. Not enjoyable at all.

Rhubar Beer 3.7% a dark fruit beer has a sweet aroma and funnily enough it has a strong taste of rhubarb which is quite pleasant with good bitterness.

Blackheart Stout 4.8% not great. Again their dark beers are off the mark. The molasses are overpowering and it is missing the rich quality of a stout.

Overall I am afraid that I was disappointed by Yorkshire Heart’s beers. The First gold hops in every beer that I tried made them all taste quite similar and the Rhubar was by far the best of a bad bunch. When I’m back in Yorkshire I’ll try to find them on cask and give them another try.

Kind Beergards


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