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Golden Pints 2017 

Pubcask Golden Pints 2017
Unlike previous years, I have chosen not to keep this exclusively East Anglian. Furthermore, it’s not an exclusively cask ale list, though it is predominantly one. Once again, I’m giving my awards out to mostly cask/bottle conditioned beers. Let me know what you think!
Best Mild – 1. Winters Mild 2. Maggs Magnificent Mild by West Berkshire
Best Porter – 1. Hanseatic Porter by Little Earth Project 2. Elland 1872 Porter
Stout – 1. Good King Henry Imperial Stout 2. Vibrant Forest Umbral Abyss 3. Nene Valley Egyptian Cream
IPA – 1. Cloudwater DIPA Galaxy 2. Brooklyn Destroy all Monsters imperial IPA 3. Burton Bridge Empire Pale
Lager – 1. Adnams Earl Grey Lager 2. Thornbridge Lukas 3. Calvors Helles
Old Ale – 1. Old Freddy Walker by Moor 2. Harvey’s Old Ale 3. Adnams Old Ale
Golden Ale/Pale Ale- 1. Big Bang Theory from Nene Valley 2. Redwell West Coast Pale (cask)
Barley wine – 1. Green Jack Ripper
Specialty – 1. The Brett by Little Earth Project 2. Both Barrels by Adnams

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