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Bottled Beers of Christmas



Merry Christmas Everyone

Here at Pubcask we all love Christmas and in particular Christmas beers. If you have been following our posts on Twitter Dan has been tasting  12 beers of Christmas. So after visiting many beers shops and supermarkets in north london I struggled to get hold of many Christmas beers. In total I tried seven Christmas beers which were mainly ones I saved from a Beers of Europe from last year. It still remains that this shop is the best place to get hold of Christmas beers as local shops and supermarkets don’t seem to stock seasonal.

So over the course of tasted these beers and below I have listed my thoughts. Overall I was disappointed with a few and out of all of them there were only a few standout beers.

Postbrauerei Karl Meyer Allgau – Winter Traum, 5.5% – A light amber colour with a characteristic German Malt. Nothing too special but a good sessionble lager.

Wychwood – Bah Humbug,  5.0% – Very Wyhchwoodesque malty beer spicy fruity flavour. A good smooth head and very drinkable and pleasant indeed.

Black Sheep – Blitzen, 4.0% – A dark brown colour, malty and sweet like sugar. A good full body and overall an excellent ruby beer.

St Bernardus – Christmas Ale, 10% – Very dark brown colour, strong mulled aroma, odd taste, it grows on you. Definitely Belgian quadrupel like. Ok, couldn’t drink too much of it. Quite sickly.

Weird Beard – Black Christmas, 4.5% – This cranberry stout is bizarre. Tarty fruit flavour but lacking any body of smooth nature of a stout. Not overly pleasant.

Adnams – Tally Ho Ho Ho, 7.2% – A traditional barley wine this is obviously strong but not full of any great flavour. It’s ok but not the best Adnams beer.

Humpty Dumpty – Christmas Crack Strong Winter Ale, 7.0% – A dark brown ale with a hint of spice. Easy to drink and one of the best Christmas beers in my opinion.

Have a good Christmas


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