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The Good Beer Guide App – A short review

I have recently expressed my thoughts on why I feel CAMRA should move towards a digital App which is constantly updated instead of publishing a 900 odd page book. As I visited both Durham and Edinburgh recently, this was my first chance to put the current Good Beer Guide App to a proper test. Here are my thoughts.

First of all the App costs £4.99 – good value for money compared to the book. Upon arrival in both Durham and Edinburgh and at various times during our exploration of these cities, I was able to suss out where the nearest GBG pubs were immediately using the ‘Find Pubs and Breweries near me’ function. This clever function uses location services to show all the GBG pubs and my own constantly changing position relative to them on an interactive map. For more information on any given pub click on their ‘location pin’ to gain access to both the same review found in the print GBG version and the pub’s features. The features section is particularly strong as it simply lists the features meaning the space saving symbols used in the print version (which constantly have to be cross referenced) are no longer needed. Some pub entries also list the typical beers that pub usually has in.

So overall, I was very happy with my use of the App. The strongest feature is undoubtedly the map feature which was invaluable in navigating your way around a city you don’t know. All I would change would be what I have already discussed in my previous blog on this issue. That is to allow users to post reviews and submit beer scores via the App.

Worth considering if you travel in the UK a lot and like Real Ale.

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