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Direct Beers Gift Pack

Last Saturday afternoon I got through three beers I approached with great hesitancy. Whilst out on a trip to the Bury St Edmund’s Christmas Market, my wife was cajoled into buying me this comedy three pack of beer.

Now my wife knows my beer tastes and generally knows good beer. I am very proud of her as she herself was apprehensive about these beers but she thought it might be a worth a comic punt at least!

Looking at the Direct Beers website. They appear to specialise in gift packs using the slogan: ‘Giving Good Beer a Bad Name’. Indeed, their range is littered with crude references. I am not a fan of this sort of marketing/labelling as I think it is exactly the sort of thing Real Ale needs to get away from. Nonetheless, I guess there is still a market for this sort of thing. Especially with regards to gifts. Direct Beers appear to have a wide and varied range and even the bottle descriptions are of comedic value – if somewhat hazy on the beer details! I couldn’t find information anywhere as to where these are brewed.

Anyway these are the three I tried.

Dandelion and Birdshirt Dark Mild (3.8%) – This was actually quite good. Good sweet flavour and decent body. Perhaps better than most supermarket Milds.

Miserable Scrooge Dark Bitter 4.8% – Again fairly enjoyable. Good malty taste with enough bitterness to keep interesting.

Yule Log Winter Ale 5% – Poorest of the three. Lacked definition. Had a hint of nuttiness about it but otherwise rather thin.

So there you have it!



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