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My first 12 weeks with Beerbods – A review

For my birthday this year, my wife kindly gave me a subscription to Beerbods, something she had found on the internet. I am so glad she did as so far my experience has been brilliant!

How it works

Beerbods is effectively an online beer club. You pay a very reasonable fee of £36 every 12 weeks for 12 beers. Every Thursday, through social media and their own website, Beerbods tells you what their beer of the week is. Their website provides you with an excellent, detailed description and history of both the beer and the brewery. There is usually also a commentary from the brewer. At 9pm on Thursday (if you can) there is a live tasting through social media where drinkers can share their thoughts and opinions on the beer of the week.

My first impressions

If I am being honest, when I first opened my box, I was a little concerned that Beerbods might be a bit craft beer wankery. There did not seem to be a lot of diversity in the box with lots of strong IPAs and Pales from brewers I knew little of other than their name. Admittedly, Adnams, Everards and Salopian are big regionals I knew of so I was glad to see a true mix of brewers.  Although initially the IPA dominance was slightly disappointing, I guess that as it was the heart of summer, I was not going to get a box full of porters and stouts! However, with time, the quality of the brews made up for my reservations.

The Beers

So in my first 12 weeks of Beerbods, I had these beers, which I have rated out of 5. I rarely give a beer a 5. If I do it usually means that it is an outstanding example of the style.

Adnams dry hopped lager 4/5

Tempest Long White Cloud Pale 3/5

Loose Cannon IPA 3/5

Salopian Oracle 4/5

Redwell Steam Lager 4/5

Everards Tiger Bitter 3/5

Buxton Axe Edge IPA 5/5

Allendale Arctic Tern IPA 2/5

Pressure Drop Pale Fire 5/5

First Chop Brewing DOC 1/5

Brass Castle Sunshine IPA 4/5

Great Heck Yakima IPA 3/5

So overall every Thursday with Beerbods you can more than likely expect a good beer which you may not have tried before. For £3 a week I think this is very good.

Beer Tasting Club

The 9-10 beer tasting slot has been brilliant to follow on Twitter. It shows how beer can be a topic worthy of proper discussion. It is also great to see what others are tasting in the beer!

Final thoughts

I love the concept and I have learnt alot about different beers and breweries through the experience. It was with very little hesitation that I renewed the subscription. All I hope for in the future is for some darker beer to be in my box! If you have a busy workload or like myself you live somewhere where you can’t easily access decent beer down the pub then Beerbods might just be for you.

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