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Summer Brew Fest 2015

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On Friday I attended Summer Brew Fest 2015 and had a fantastic day trying lots of fantastic beers.

On the Summer Brew Fest website they sum up the festival brilliantly ‘A celebration of London’s awesome brewing scene’. This is without doubt one of the best beer festivals in London and a brilliant opportunity to chat to the people involved in creating the beer.

You may recall that I also went to this beer festival last year. You can read my blog from Summer Brew Fest 2014 here. Last year the festival was held in an open courtyard at London Fields Brewery in Hackney with all the beer stalls circling the centre. This year it was held at U Brew in the railway arches in Bermondsey. I had previously been down this way to visit Kernel Brewery and like that occasion I got completely lost again. However once I found out where I was going I was very impressed. Tucked away in the corner at one end of the railway arches was a beer haven. There were two main rooms with lots of seating and an outside courtyard with more seating and it was a glorious day and the sun was piercing through to this little spot in South East London.

On entry we were given a glass and 12 beer tokens. This was a good value because each brewery actively gave out tasters so you end up getting a lot more than your tokens. Now let’s talk about the beer. As I touched upon earlier Summer Brew Fest is a great way to meet brewers and talk about beer. I would like to mention Jordan from Three Sods Brewery who was very friendly all day as well as Kathleen from Four Pure and especially Matthew from Hackney Brewery who we spent the latter part of the evening with.

Food wise there was slabs of bacon in a bun, woodfired pizza which both looks good but I had to go for Oh My Dog Hotdogs. Wow, one of the best hotdogs I have ever had and very friendly staff as well. Check them out here.



I had so many good beers on the day so rather than try to pick favourites I will list everything I tried.


Four Pure – Pils, 4.7%

Hackney – New Zealand Blonde, 4.5%

Three Sods – Long Nights, 4.7%

Orbit – Duke, 5.2%

Clouded Minds – Elisir, 5.3%

Gipsy Hill – Dissident, 4.8%

One Mile End – Snakes Alive! DIPA, 7.8%

Mondo – Steamy Wonder, 6.2%

Hammerton – Pentonville, 4.2%

Four Pure – Oatmeal Stout 5.1%

Hackney – Session IPA, 4.1%

Clouded Minds – Double Clout, 6.6%


This is a fantastic beer festival and I would recommend it to anyone. See you at Winter Brew Fest.





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