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January’s Ales


Jon here

I collected quite a few beers over the festive period and never got round to drinking them. I always thought that most Christmas beers were a bit of a gimmick. Thankfully I have proved myself wrong. Check out my reviews below.

Humpty Dumpty Brewery
Christmas Crack
Strong Winter Ale
Wow. Strong. Dark murky brown colour. Sweet malty taste. A cracking beer (lol).

Yule Love It
Pale amber ale. Good fizz but not much otherwise. A session beer at best.

Roses Nosey
Dark red brown colourful and full bodied like any other Batemans beer. A few Christmas flavours, an all round good beer.

St Peters
Christmas Ale
Fruity and full bodied. A bit too sweet with an unpleasant taste. Disappointing. I expected more if I’m honest.

Hardy & Hansons
Rocking Rudolph
A full bodied malty beer. Dark red colour. Easy drinking with hints of Christmas fruits. Very sessionable.

Bah Humbug
The usual distinctive Wychwood flavour. As the bottle says it is full of Christmas cheer which is definitely true. Cinnamon and Christmas spices with a sweet caramel taste. A very good beer indeed.

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