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CAMRA’s Good Bottled Beer Guide (8th Edition 2013)

CAMRA’s GBBG provides you with a thoroughly comprehensive overview of bottled beer in the UK. It is very important to state that this book passionately advocates and only deals in bottled conditioned beer. No bad thing as most consumers are only exposed to pasteurised beer. Tasting notes are provided for over 580 beers. This book has an introduction to the brewing and bottling process followed by useful information on storing and serving bottle conditioned ale. This book is designed to be used as more of a reference book, here’s a list of its strong, and not so strong points.


  • Beer style introductions provide outstanding information on characteristics, history, serving temperature and food pairings

  • Accurate and thoroughly detailed tasting notes

  • Good brewery directory which includes details on that brewers bottle conditioning techniques

  • Excellent glossary on beer terms

What could have been better

  • Although the directory has comprehensive brewer details and regional beer shops, I would have liked for every beer a bit of information on where exactly (be it online or elsewhere) I can obtain the beer. This would make referencing easier. This is done for those beers such as Proper Job by St Austell which are widely available but not for smaller brewers.

That is really the only negative, as I feel the book could have made more of the internet or be it local farmers markets to tell the reader exactly where they can get their hands on these delightful sounding beers.

Nonetheless, this book provides a useful directory for the real ale fanatic looking for cask in a bottle.

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