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Beer Hawk Beer Club

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I received a rather magnificent present for being best man at my brother’s wedding. He bought me a three month subscription to Beer Hawk’s Beer Club. Now if you haven’t heard of Beer Hawk they are one of the biggest beer distributors in the UK who stock over 300 ales which you can buy individually if you want specific beers or you can get a subscription which should work out cheaper. Beer Hawk offers a variety of Gifts, Clubs and to find out one that might suit you check out their excellent website here.

There is a simple process online where you can choose how often you get your delivery with the options being monthly, bi monthly or quarterly which is good and mine came every month which was a bit too frequent for me. You can also choose a style preference with options being lighter beers, darker beers, or a mix of everything. The next option is whether you prefer weaker beers, stronger beers or a mix of everything, however if you do choose stronger beers this adds £5.00 on to your order. The final option is simply choosing the date that you want your order to start. So yeah it is a pretty simple process. There is free delivery on orders over £50 which doesn’t cover the beer club and delivery is £6.99 which I think is a bit expensive. A way around this would be to add a few standalone beers to make the cost over £50 but you can’t do this alongside a beer club purchase which is a bit cheeky I think. Nonetheless the total cost of £46.99 for fifteen beers is just over £3 each which is not bad at all. Although I believe if you do purchase so many months at once then the delivery price is cheaper.

With each delivery you get a sheet telling you how to taste and pour different styles of beer which is handy.


I decided that I would review one months subscription so I can show you the range of beers you can get in one delivery. Check out my descriptions below.

I was very impressed by the variety of beers and would recommend Beer Hawk for all beer lovers as they offer an excellent service.

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