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Beer World Cup 2014: Semi-Final Germany – Brazil


Here it is, with just four games to go we bring you another instalment of our Beer blogs for the world cup in Brazil. Now at the semi final stages the tournament is coming to a close and its heavyweights from Europe and South America that are left standing. We start with a humdinger of a match, the flamboyant hosts Brazil versus
the mighty Germany.

Brazil – There’s no denying the Brazilian’s talent, they have it in abundance, but we are yet to see their true potential. They have shown glimpses but it seems the Brazilian style is dying. They’ve scraped through to the last four and it seems their luck is running out. At least one thing will be refreshing about the Brazilians come 9pm, and that’s their beer. Brahma being the most popular in Brazil is a crisp pilsner style beer which when cold can quench the severest of thirsts. This beer was originally made by the Companhia Cervejaria Brahma, founded in 1888. However it is now owned by Anheuser-Busch InBev a Belgian-Brazilian multinational beverage and brewing company that boast being the worlds largest brewer. What most people will not know is that Brahma actually has an array of 18 different beers including a stout, a chocolate flavour beer, a porter and a bock. For reasons unknown though they only globally distribute the Brahma pale lager we all know, you would have to go to central American countries to try them. So Brahma is the Thiago Silva of the Brazilian team, established, and leading. Neymar Jnr, on the other hand is the exciting new kid on the block, full of fresh ideas and skill, much like Eisenbahn, a microbrewery located in Blumenau, Santa Catarina in Brazil. As you can probably tell from the name it has connotations to Germany, the name actually means railroad in German an analogy to a railroad close to the company’s bar and production base, now that is what is call useless information! However the German influence continues into their beer, different beers include a Pilsen, Dunkel, Weizenbock, and a Kolsch. The bottles each have a different colour which really makes them stand out. Beer is huge in brazil, and its got them this far, but is it going to get them to the final?

Germany – This team has made it into the semi finals without showing their best form, so they’ve still got lots to show in this World Cup but they are running out of time to do it. When it comes to beer the German’s certainly know what they are doing, with an incredible amount of breweries spanning the huge European country it’s easy to see why so much is distributed throughout the world. When visiting Germany one beer that stood out to be available in a lot of places was the Paulaner Hefeweiss range. These beers are strong lovely beers including a Kristall and a Naturtrub, however they do also do two alcohol free beers which is rare as its usually only one that is offered. One brewery that I’m looking to try in the near future is the Brauhaus Schweinfurt range. Named after the beers place of origin it boasts being a Bavarian brewery, the heart and sole of German beer. It has a huge range of beer going including a Pilsner and a Dunkel but staying at a relatively small percentage of between 4.9% – 5.3%. They seem extremely tasty with similarities to Paulaner and Franziskaner so I hope to be sampling them soon. Beer culture in Germany is like no other country, in England you have search pretty hard to find pubs that offer a huge range of ales to try, but in Germany it almost seems like festival mentality is constant. The beer gardens amplify this as nearly every pub has one, it just makes a huge difference being able to sit outside with space and views compared to a few benches in an alleyway, I wont name the pub in question. It’s no surprise then that Germany has possibly the most famous beer festival around which is of course Oktoberfest, a true beer lovers paradise, far from the German beer festival we attended at Alexandra Palace, hear our thoughts from that outing on this Pubcask.

So it’s true, Germany rules when it comes to beer, Brazil might have flair and passion but even they look to the Germans for inspiration when making their beer. Not to mention that Brazil will be without their two stars, Brahma (Thiago Silva) and Eisenbahn (Neymar Jnr) for this match. So I have to go for Germany, I fully expect them to be the party poopers of this World Cup.

Thanks for reading.


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