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25th Ealing Beer Festival


This post is all about a trip to the 25th Ealing Beer Festival. It was a hot and sunny Wednesday afternoon and perfect conditions for drinking beer. The beer festival is located in Walpole Park which is a 10 minute walk from Ealing Broadway tube station. It took me about 35 minutes to get to the site from central London which isn’t too bad I don’t think. It promised to be a big festival with over 300 real ales and ciders and I wasn’t disappointed. For more information about the beer festival check out their website here . But for now look at the gallery below which should help set the scene.

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As you can see from the images there was a massive green space filled with tables and chairs. There were also a few big trees which were very handy when you wanted to get out of the sun. The left side was one long tent with breweries alphabetically ordered from left to right with the cider at one end and foreign beers the other. It was very well laid out and made finding beers very easy. The right hand side had a big white tent which had live music each evening which unfortunately I didn’t get to see. Food wise there was the usual suspects such as a burger van and a hog roast. There were some different options though such as a pie counter where I got some lovely pork scratchings as well as stalls with specialist cheese and chocolate who gave out some delicious tasters. Anyway that’s enough food talk. Let’s get down to the main event. Check out the gallery below of all the beers I tried followed by my tasting notes.


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Arkell, Wheat Beer 5.0% – Supposably a classic German wheat beer but it didn’t seem very German to me. It was very cloudy with a slight fruity flavour. Not refreshing enough, I expected more.

XT, Apricot Pale 4.3% – This was a festival special and I’m not a fan of apricots but this beer was ok. If anything it didn’t have enough apricots in it. It was quite refreshing but was nothing special.

Twickenham, Naked Ladies 4.4% – Obviously chosen for the name but this beer didn’t disappoint. It had stripped down hops with a bare flavour coming through in its natural form. Ignore that. It had a good body (seriously) with a light hop flavour and was well-balanced making a refreshing light beer with a smooth fruity finish.

Saltaire, Raspberry Blonde 4.0% – I love a raspberry blonde beer and this didn’t disappoint. A light perfume of raspberry fills your nose and the blonde ale is a delight and is perfect for a hot summers day.

XT, π (Pi) – 3.142% – Very clever. I wonder how close it is to 3.142% though. Anyway this is a brilliant beer with lots of roasty flavours that seem to never end. Very refreshing and it is hard to believe it’s not stronger.

Aeronaut, Ruby Mild 4.0% – Another festival special this was a standard ruby mild. It was very sessionable but nothing to write home about.

Blue Anchor, Spingo Special 6.7% – Very sweet with complex flavours. Very strong with a caramel flavour. Very tasty but too sickly to drink more than one.

Two Cocks, 1643 Puritan 4.5% – The tasting notes in the leaflet sold this beer to me. “Luxurious notes of caramel and chocolate. Anything but austere, Cromwell would not approve”. This was a bit of an extreme view.  It was a good smooth dark beer and very refreshing but with no outstanding flavours. I think Cromwell would rather like it.

Gun Dog, Lord Barker 4.2% – Another beer that was sold to me by the tasting notes however this one didn’t disappoint. ” Dark, smooth, rich and mourish. A true gentleman of the beer world”. These notes were spot on, it was rich, smooth and very refreshing, Lord Barker would approve.


I just want to give a quick mention to Silverstone Brewing who name their beers on motor racing such as pitstop, chequered flag and skidmark. They all sound very good but I didn’t get the chance to taste these so I will make the effort when I see them next time.

I would highly recommend visiting the 25th Ealing Beer Festival. It has A great selection of real ales situated in an idyllic setting of Walpole Park this is the perfect summer beer festival. Let’s just hope sun stays out.



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