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Summer Brew Fest 2014

Yes we have a taken a break from the World Cup for the time being. This post is all about a little trip I made to the Summer Brew Fest in London Fields. I went to the trade day and had a wonderful afternoon tasting lots of fantastic beers. The main point of this post is for me to tell you about some great breweries that I discovered. Check out my gallery of the day below.

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Crate Brewery – a great place to start. They went for the simplistic approach and it worked wonderfully. The lager and pale ale were both crisp and refreshing and served at a nice cool temperature. A perfect start to the day.

Hackney Brewery – Their beers were all on hand pump which I believe is the only way they serve their beers. This may be seen as a bit traditional but it worked a treat. Out of their three beers the Mosaic TNT was by far the best and was one of if not the best beer of the day. It was light and well balanced with hints of blueberries which made it very easy to drink. It’s a shame this beer isn’t availabe all year round.

By The Horns – My favourite brewery of the day. Their craft lager called ‘Crafty’ was very good. I thought I would struggle to find a lager better than the one from Crate but I did. It was refreshing with lots of flavour and had everything you could want from a lager. Even better though was their seasonal keg option the Hopslinger American IPA. I was pleasantly suprised as I’m not usually a huge fan of American IPA’s  but this one was superb. It was a light straw colour and at 5.7% it wasn’t too strong. I also got to taste one of their bottled beers which was the best of the lot. The Lambeth Walk was simply incredible. A fantastic porter at 5.1% with hints of chocolate and hazelnut with a smooth velevety texture.

Brick Brewery – This brewery brought along some very good beers. First the Archway steam was their lovely pale ale that looked more like a murky wheat beer. Even better however was their Blenheim Black. At 5.1% this Black IPA was very easy drinking with a slight bitterness. To be honest I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad Black IPA.

Hammerton Brewery –  When you try their beers you won’t believe that they have only been around for 10 weeks. The N7 is a complex pale ale which uses 6 different hops that produces a beer with lots of interesting flavours.  One of my favourite beers of the day was their Pentonville which was one of the best oyster stouts I have ever had. I had a fantastic time chatting to the guys behind this bar and it was clear that Head Brewer Sam clearly knows his stuff.

This was a brilliant event with lots of excellent beer on show. For more information about the event and breweries I didn’t get to mention check out their website here.

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