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The Kernel Brewery

Hello guys

This months beer focus is on Kernel Brewery. I wanted to choose a brewery who spent little or no time on their bottle labels as opposed to last months post Pressure Drop. Now I have seen Kernel beers in lots of different shops and it was only after a while that I realised  I wasn’t seeing the same beer everywhere it was that all Kernel bottles look the same. There is a single beige colour label with the title of the beer on it and thats about it.

Now if you check out Kernel’s website you won’t find much information.  There is a list of places where you can buy bottles from and the usual contact details but the most interesting feature is ‘Saturdays at the Kernel’. This is where every Saturday you can visit the brewery and buy beers off them directly. So a few weeks ago I decided to check it out.

Kernel Brewery is situated about 10 minutes walk from Bermondsey tube station which is about 5 minutes from London Bridge on the Jubilee Line. Now I followed the directions from my phone app and I was a little suprised when I arrived.


This doesn’t look much like a brewery


Ah wait, there’s the sign!

It was based in a lock up in some railway arches down a quiet street. It is almost like you aren’t meant to stumble across the brewery and only those who know can go along and appreciate it. I have to say I was suprised at how busy it was. As I walked inside was a bit taken aback. It felt like a market stall/beer festival. It was a brilliant atmosphere.

There were quite a lot of bottles to choose from

There were quite a lot of bottles to choose from

Dozens of cardboard boxes that I assumed were full of beer

Dozens of cardboard boxes that I assumed were full of beer

Just to left of the bar was a very detailed blackboard with a list of all of the bottles with the ABV and the price. I was very suprised and excited to discover that most beers only cost £2.80 so I decided to buy a variety of bottles at that price and see what I liked best.

There was an area where you could drink in

There was an area where you could drink in

This was very popular

This was very popular












Now it is time for me to review the beers. I chose a wide variety and seven in total which included a pale , sour, porter, stout, brown and some IPA’s.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Overall I was very impressed with Kernel’s Beers. Yes some of them weren’t my cup of tea but the ones I did like were absolutely superb.

Kind Beergards


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