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The Beer Boutique

Hello guys

This is the last post of BeerShoptober and we are ending on a high note with The Beer Boutique in South West London. This shop is located in Putney on Upper Richmond Road and is only a few minutes walk away from East Putney tube station. So this shop has been open for a couple of years and I have wanted to visit for a long time and I wasn’t disappointed. They sell beers on their impressive website which you can see here. However if you are not too far away then you have to visit the shop. Check out the gallery below.

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The Beer Boutique sells lots of great beer and they categorise them by the type rather than by the brewery. This was the same at Utobeer and and I think every beer shop should follow suit. A unique aspect is that they sell brew your own packs and specific gift packs i.e. belgian blonde. The very helpful staff at the shop told me that they have lots of customers who are buying presents for beer enthusiasts so it makes sense to categorise beers and sell gift packs.

Now if you are a regular reader of my posts you will know how I love clear labelling and pricing, well The Beer Boutique takes this to another level (Dane Bowers). Yes every beer has a corresponding label with a detailed description of the look, colour, taste and what food it goes with. I am a big fan of these because I can get a bit overwhelmed with the choice and with these detailed descriptions it means I don’t have to pick a beer on the name or by a brewery I have heard of.

I also loved the fact you could buy a bottle and drink it in the shop. They open some bottles for samples on Saturday afternoons as well as bi-weekly tasting events. This is a modern day beer shop with an innovative approach that their rivals could learn a thing or two from. So with lots of excellent beers and great service I would highly recommend visiting The Beer Boutique shop in Putney.

Kind Beergards


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