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Hello guys,

This blog is all about a wonderful trip I made to Real Ale Ltd. This is the shop for which first opened in 2005 in Richmond. It is located about 15 minutes walk from the station and is just across Richmond Bridge which has excellent views of The Thames and Richmond Park. Richmond is an affluent area and a perfect spot for a dedicated beer shop. From the outside the shop was very attractive with fantastic window displays and good merchandising. When I entered I was a bit blown away as there was beer everywhere, check out my gallery below.

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As you can see from the pictures the great thing about the shop is that they offer beers that are a little bit different. They have sections for Belgian, German and British Beers but rather than having the standard ones in each of these you will find lots of names you have never heard of before. Here is a quote from the website.

Our shop is a beer emopirum! We have a fantastic range of beers from Britain as well as from the rest of the world, including exciting craft beers imported from the USA, Belgium, Germany, Sweden, Japan (its a long list). Our ethos is firmly based around giving you the opportunity to try interesting and different beers, which would otherwise be difficult to find.

The best part of the shop for me was the rare and quirky area. It is excellent that they appreciate these different types of beer and have made a dedicated area for them. In this section they had Brewdog’s Tactical Nuclear Penguin which is 32% and I have never seen it in a shop before. They actually had lots of Brewdog beers I haven’t set my eyes on and I am eager to try them all. Even in the more traditional sections they offer a selection you will be hard pushed to find anywhere else.

The shop offers 10% off when you buy 12 which is good and most of the beers are reasonably priced as well. They also give you a loyalty card like you would get from a coffee shop where you collect stamps which go towards a free beer. The Real Ale Shop has lots going on like meet the brewer tastings so I would recommend registering on the website to get the latest information on upcoming events.

So yes it is quite a way out of London but it is definitely worth the long trip for the picturesque views of Richmond and the fantastic beers at The Real Ale Shop.

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