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Noble Fine Liquor

BeerShoptober now moves to East London and to Noble Fine Liqour. The shop is on the rather pleasant Broadway Market. It is a long street with markets and speciality shops as well as some good looking pubs. For more information on Broadway Market check out their website here. There are regular buses to the area and the nearest rail station is London Fields which is only a few minutes walk away. Now let’s talk about Noble Fine Liquor, it’s a very good looking shop check out the gallery below.

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The majority of the shop is dedicated to wine but a good section is saved for the good stuff, local craft beer. What I like about Noble Fine Liquor is that they are not trying to compete by selling lots of different varieties they are just focusing on local craft beer. One thing you will have noticed are the beer taps on the wall. They sell beer from these taps in 500ml bottles or in a bigger 2L plastic bottle which I think is an excellent idea. I am a big fan of beer from a tap and I spoke to Liam who worked there and he told me that it is very popular with customers. However he did say that it is hard work at times and a lot of wasteage can happen. Another quirky feature of the shop is that every bottle has the price written on it as one number which is very cool. You will have noiticed from previous blogs that I like shops that price their beers clearly.

Noble Fine Liqour features beers from local breweries such as Kernel, Wild Beer and Magic Rock Brewing but with no regular lines you will find something different every time you visit. I would like to thank Liam for being so welcoming and I would highly suggest visiting Noble Fine Liquor. This is a very good shop where you will find a great selection of local craft beers in bottles or on tap.

Kind Beergards


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