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Utobeer, Borough Market

Hello guys

It’s another week and I have many more BeerShoptober blogs to fit in before the end of the month. This post is all about Utobeer in Borough Market. It was a rainy Friday afternoon so it was a relief to get to the covered Borough Market. Now if you haven’t been to Borough Market you have to visit. It is a busy atmosphere with lots of stalls selling cheese, breads, meats and wonderful street foods. For more information visit their website here. Now tucked away in the middle of the market is the Utobeer shop. I have heard of Utobeer for a while now and I couldn’t wait to see it. I first encountered the brand when we visited their pub The Rake earlier this year on a day trip. For more information on Utobeer check out their website here. I was suprised how big it was and check out the gallery below to see what I mean.

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So yes there are lots of beer choices as you can see. I like that Utobeer categorise their beers on shelves with my particular highlights being imperial stouts and trappist beers. A beer that caught my eye is the Leffe Ruby Ale which is not as common as you may think, so I had to buy it. There were some excellent beer glasses to on sale which is an area I think more smaller beer shops should embrace. However I think the best thing that Utobeer sold were the specialist beer gifts. As you can see on the gallery they had Trappist gift sets and champagne infused beers with one going for £29 a bottle. Crazy.

This Utobeer shop is a must visit for any beer lover and is easily accesible as it is only a few minutes walk away from London Bridge station. Most beers are reasonably priced and their selection will please any beer lover with the staff happy to help you find a beer for any occasion.

Kind Beergards


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