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Kris Wines, Camden Town

Hello Again

This blog is about my trip to Kris Wines in Camden Town. I had read a lot about this shop when I first moved to London and it didn’t disappoint. I was greeted by Kris when I entered. Yes that’s Kris off of Kris Wines. This was one of the first beer shops in North London when it opened in 2001. Kris wanted to share his love of rare and boutique beers, wines, spirits and champagnes. If you want to find out more about this brilliant shop check out their website here.

When I entered I was amazed by the sheer volume of beer they squeezed in to a small off license. They were stacked high and wide with shelves made out of bookcases and CD Cabinets but that didn’t matter because it showed off what a great selection of beer he has. If you want to see pictures of the shop check out the gallery below.

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“Kris Wines stocks over 250 Belgian beers (including lambic and fruit) and over 85 different Bavarian beers. Some of these come from the oldest brewerys in the world. Along with beers, Kris Wines stock over 150 British bottled conditioned ales, ciders and perries, which are produced by British micro breweries. Many of the ales which Kris Wines stock are rare, unusual and very difficult to find anywhere else in London.”

It’s sort of difficult for me to pick out some of their beers as Kris had pretty much had everything. The first beers that caught my eye were the range of Hardknott beers which I had never seen before. I did some research and they sound like a fantastic brewery up in Cumbria and I can’t wait to try their beers. For more information check out their website here. Also in the same picture in the gallery is Saltaire’s Triple Chocoholic which was a beer I was raving about at The Great British Beer Festival and its the first time I recall seeing it in a bottle. He also had a La Trappe Bockbier which I have never seen before. It’s a shame we didn’t find that last year when we were doing our La Trappe Beer Tasting Session. Another beer I highlighted in the gallery was Kopi Loewak which is a heavy Imperial Stout at 11.2% that claimed to be brewed with the most expensive coffee in the world which just sounds incredible.

I don’t think I have done the shop justice you just simply have to visit. Kris Wines is located on York Way just off Camden Road with the nearest tube stations Caledonian Road and Kentish Town only a few minutes walk away.

Kind Beergards


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4 comments on “Kris Wines, Camden Town

  1. Nic
    October 11, 2013

    Hi Jon – great review.

    I am currently helping Kris to renovate and relaunch his website

    This is being done pretty much as a favour, in my capacity as a long-standing happy customer and friend of Kris and his shop. Would you consider linking to the site in the blog post?

    I have linked to this post from his site.

    Keep up the excellent work!



    • Jon Stone
      October 11, 2013

      Hi Nic. Yeah I will put it in there later I didn’t do it originally because the site was being renovated


  2. Nic
    October 11, 2013

    Great thanks, Jon.

    New site is up now.


  3. Martyn Ward Taylor
    October 13, 2013

    Good work Nic from fellow disciple of Kris Wines 🙂


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