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Jack’s, Stroud Green Road

Hello Guys

This is the third instalment of BeerShoptober where I visit beer shops in London. This post is about my trip to Jack’s Off License on Stroud Green Road. It is located on the corner of Albert Road on Stroud Green Road. The nearest stations are Crouch Hill Overground and Finsbury Park which are both in 5-10 minutes walking distance.

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I have been meaning to visit this off license for a while as I have read some great reviews about it and wow I was impressed. This part of Stroud Green Road is not the nicest of areas if I’m being honest but this off license is a hidden gem. As you can see from the gallery the outside of the shop doesn’t look too glamorous as it is bright green with Heineken Branding but through the window you can see shelves full of beer bottles.

As I entered I was speechless. I don’t think I have seen such a wonderful selection of international beers. As you can see from the images I found some cans of beer from Maui in Hawaii which I had never seen before. There were the usual suspects of Belgian beers such as St Bernadus, Orval and Delirium and American Beers such as Sierra Nevada. But despite their array of world beers I was more excited by all the English Beers they had to choose from. As a beer bottle collector I liked that they seemed to have a full set from every brewery. For example they had 6 different types of Bath Ales which I have never seen before. If you are more into your craft beer then you may be even more impressed. I counted 10 different beers from Brewdog and I know they are known for their high strength but most of these were ridiculously expensive.

I think cost was the problem with this shop. The majority of beers had a price label on which was handy but most beers were just simply too expensive. I understand that shops need to make a profit especially small off licenses like this one but they need to keep it reasonable for the customer rather than just rip you off.

It is a shame because I loved their selection of beers but I think I would be put off returning because of the astronomical prices.



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One comment on “Jack’s, Stroud Green Road

  1. I Goldberg
    May 30, 2014

    Whilst Jack’s does have some beers at fairly high prices, they still do stock more mainstream beers at typical off-licence prices.
    So if you ONLY drink the more obscure stuff, it could be quite costly. Alternatively, if (like me) you drink mainly ordinary beers but do like to try something else more interesting from time to time, this place is perfect for that.
    I’m happy to pay the occasional higher prices in order to keep such a well-stocked independent establishment in business and on my doorstep, so to speak.


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