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Theatre of Wine, Tufnell Park


This is the second in a series of blogs about beer shops in London. Throughout October I will be going around the capital getting to as many beer shops as I can in a feature called BeerShoptober. Get it?

This post is all about the Theatre of Wine in Tufnell Park. The first thing you may be thinking is why are you visiting a wine shop when Pubcask is all about beer? Well I will quote a well known idiom to you “don’t judge a book by its cover”. Yes this shop may primarily sell wine but it also has lots of great beers. Just check out this lovely gallery!

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Pretty good ey? Yes so the Theatre of Wine is located on Junction Road and is only a few minutes walk away from Archway and Tufnell Park tube stations on the Northern Line. The first thing you may notice from the images is that every bottle has a gift tag attached which is reminiscent of something you may find on your presents at Christmas. On these tags is a full detailed description of the beer or wine etc. I think that this small detail makes a huge difference to a beer drinker. There are now so many beers to choose from so having this comprehensive flavour guide on each one means you can really find the beers that suit your particular palette.

So let’s talk about the beers in question. There were approximately 50 different beers to choose from which were a mixture of British, American, German and Belgian. There was a dedicated Belgian beer shelf that featured some of our favourites such as La Trappe, Westmalle and Brugse Zot. There were also some of our favourite beers including Anchor Steam Beer and Schlenkerla Rauchbier. The British beers included popular London Brewers Kernel and Camden Town and up and coming brewers like Wild Beer and the excellent Ilkley Brewing.

The prices of the beers were average. There were a few beers that were quite expensive but overall they were reasonably priced. The shop had an excellent layout but it hasn’t got the widest range of beers around but enough to keep you going back. I just want to give a quick mention to Jason who was very helpful and really knew his stuff. So if you’re in North London looking for some great beers check out the Theatre of Wine.

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