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Camden Town Brewery

Hello Pubcaskers

You may have noticed a bit of gap between our last posts and lots of Twitter activity happening in London. That is because I have moved to London and although we won’t be together as often it does mean I have more access to lots of beer activities going on in the capital. So do not worry, we are going nowhere.

This blog is all about Camden Town Brewery. I picked up some of their bottles from an excellent beer shop/off license in Highbury, North London. Highbury Vintners sells lots of wine and a wide range of Real Ales, European Lagers and best of all there are quite a few rare ones. Check out their website for more details.

Camden Town Brewery is still relatively young as they only began brewing in 2010 but they have come a long way since then. They started brewing beneath a pub in Hampstead Heath but only really got serious when they moved to some converted railway arches in Camden Town. Their inspiration came from desperation really. They were fed up of buying wheat beers from Germany and Pale Ales from America so they thought why not do it in themselves in London. So since the summer of 2012 Camden Town have been selling their beers and since then they have gone from strength to strength. For a more detailed history of the brewery, click here.

Camden Town beers which are brewed and available all year round are under the bracket of The Classic Series. They have 6 beers under this category and I have reviewed three of them in this post. They also do a few limited edition beers which sound fascinating and you can see them here.

So my tasting notes are below:

Gentleman’s Wit – 4.3 – A pale light wit beer. Very entertaining blurb on the back claiming earl grey invented wit beer and the word refreshing not sure if it’s true but funny nonetheless. You will find a similar quirky blurb on the back of each bottle. Brewed with lemon and bergamot you can certainly taste hints of lemon but not too overpowering, well balanced. Goes down lovely on a hot summer’s day

Hells Lager – 4.6 – You can find this on tap around a few pubs in North London. It is slightly different and smoother from a bottle. Extremely refreshing and best served very cold. Still a smooth lager from the bottle, hells a good.

Pale Ale – 4.0 – This Pale Ale is not as good as the other beers that Camden offers. It is quite hoppy with a sharp aftertaste which isn’t too pleasant. Still smooth and quite refreshing but just not for my palette as I am not the biggest fan of pale ales.

I look forward to getting my hands on the rest of Camden Town’s beers in the future.

Kind Beergards

Jon Stone

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