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Batemans Beers

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Batemans is an independent family brewery which is currently run by 4th generation Jaclyn and Stuart Bateman. They have been brewing beer in Wainfleet Lincolnshire since 1874. For an in depth history of the brewery click here

Batemans is known for its more traditional ales such as the XXXB and Dark Mild which are part of their permanent cask beers. However Batemans is also known for speciality beers which usually commemorate various events in the calendar usually to do with the seasons of the year. Batemans seems to have the perfect balance of satisfying the older more traditional ale drinker to enticing the younger drinker with quirky names and flavours.

So now lets move onto the beers I tried. Below is my set of tasting notes. I was very impressed to put it (dark) mildly!

Autumn Fall – Complex grain flavours with a good amount of malt makes a delicious beer. A sweet aroma with a fullish texture for an amber which makes it one of the best amber beers around.

Victory Ale – A red copper colour with a hint of peppery spice which went down lovely with a curry. Typical Batemans malt which brings out a lovely rich powerful flavour that is perfect when celebrating a victory.

Combined Harvest – The variety of grains gives the beer an interesting but lovely combination. Amber colour with a good texture that goes down absolutely wonderfully.

Dark Lord – Oh lord this is fantastic. A dark ruby beer that is rich and spicy. Meaty with a nice fizz to accompany the strong aftertaste. It is everything you could want from a dark beer.

Mocha – Dark smooth beer with a superb and accurate mocha flavour that has the perfect balance of chocolate and coffee. It is a coffee beer rather than a beer with a coffee flavour. Superb.

These were the only bottled beers we could get hold of over the last month. To see a full list of the bottled beers that Batemans offer click here

The best way to describe Batemans is by their tagline ‘Good honest Ales’ They do traditional English ales and they do them exceptionally well

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