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Newcastles Winter Brews!

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A quick post on a couple of beers I stumbled upon while shopping for a few bits and pieces in the local Morrisons. I took my usual stroll down the beer aisle to see what caught my eye, and kept near the world foreign beer section were two little bottles of something I had never seen! These were two different beers, from Newcastle! The popular brewer of Newcastle Brown Ale, a very nice thirst quenching brown ale.

Newcastle Brown Ale is brewed by Heineken at their John Smith Brewery up North (obviously) in Yorkshire. I have only ever come across the legendary Newcastle Brown Ale, but there are also a number of other edition recently brought out since around 2011, working their way into shops. These include, their Summer Ale, Founders Ale, and Werewolf! However I must point out, I believe these are difficult to find over here in the UK since they are mainly released in the US first. Since Newkie Brown is also loved greatly by our old cousins across the water.

Anyway! Onto the two beers I stumbled across, which are definitely available in the UK however I am led to believe they are only available currently in Morrisons exclusively, for now at least. These were the Winter IPA, and Nocturnal. Two limited edition winter brews that came in smashing little bottles, and I was very much looking forward to trying them! Unfortunately I didn’t have the classic Schooner glass to drink them out of, but I’m sure they are just as good anyhow.

I started with the winter IPA at 5.2%, I thought this was fantastic! It was darker than I imagined, it had a light caramel aroma, that followed through with caramel tones through the body of the beer. It was hopped well, slightly hoppier than a usual pale ale, which I personally love. It was smooth and creamy, just like a traditional Newkie. Then a slight fruitiness of the body came through amongst all of that. An exceptionally tasty beer.

The second was the Nocturnal at 4.5%, this was a tawny coloured ale, slightly darker than the original Newkie. I found it harsher than usual, but it may just be due to the fact I was still loving the creaminess of the first. It tastes more similar to the original Brown Ale, however is more malty and slightly sweeter. Its another refreshing tasty beer, but out of both I must say the IPA done it for me!

So if you happen to come across these beers, do try them! They currently come in the smaller 330ml bottle so you really have nothing to lose. If your a fan of Newcastle Brown then I’m sure you’ll enjoy these. Oh and if you haven’t tried any at all, then get down the pub and ask for a bottle of Broon! Its delicious!

Again we’d like to hear your views on these, or if you’ve been lucky enough to find any other of the beers mentioned, then please let us know in a comment below!


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