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St Helens: The Turks Head

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Me again,

So after a brilliant curry we went on to The Turks Head. This was a pub just a short walk from the centre but it felt like a million miles away inside. It was warm and cosy with lots of beer to choose from.

There are three large rooms, a real fire and an ever changing range of ale. The Turks Head has 12 hand pumps, traditional ciders and perry. They have 5 draught continental beers and a wide selection of bottled continental beers.

As you can tell from the websites description there was a lot to choose from. I fancied something light and refreshing so I opted for Veltins Brautradition Seit 1824. Veltins is one of the best selling breweries in Germany and sponsors the football stadium for FC Schalke 04.

It was a light European beer typical of a traditional German brew. It was cold and refreshing with a nice fizz. A german lager with flavour at £3 a pint was ideal.

I would just like to add a special mention to the very enjoyable pub quiz that attracts a big crowd every Tuesday evening. Jake and I had a go at the quiz and didn’t rank very high to put it mildly. But we still had a giggle.

The Turks Head is a warm and welcoming specialist beer and local pub. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a variety of beer choices in the St Helens area.

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