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St Helens: Moorhouse & George Wright Brewery


So you know how I mentioned the Lancashire hotpot in the previous post well it was nearly time to indulge. But first we had fireworks and real ales to try.

Jakes dad was an ale aficionado and introduced me to the George Wright Brewing Company. Now this is a very local brewery based in Rainford which is just 5 miles outside of St Helens. To find out more about all of the great beers they offer check out their impressive website here.

I tried a Cheeky Pheasant which was 4.7%. It was a golden ale with an essence of red fruit. A blend of bitterness and hops but I found the bitterness overpowering which didn’t leave a great aftertaste.

On the way back from Bird I’th Hand I popped into a shop and purchased some bottles of ale. I wanted to find something that I wasn’t familiar with. I chose three bottles from another local brewery based in Lancashire called Moorhouse. Check out their brilliant informative website here.

Firstly I tried Pendle Witches Brew which was 5.1%. It was a golden red colour with a crisp fizzyness and bitter aftertaste.

Next I tried the Pride of Pendle at 4.1% which is an amber colour bitter. It reminds me of an Adnams Bitter. It has a good mix of Malts and Hops and is a good session beer.

The last Moorhouse beer I tried was the Black Cat at 3.4%. It was very smoky with a little fizz. It was very malty with a dark chocolaty taste. It was glorious. It was the best Moorhouse beer by far.

It was a good evening trying different ales. As I discovered you don’t always like everything you try but there will always be one you love and in this instance it was the Moorhouse Black Cat.



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