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St Helens: Bird I’th Hand and Greenall’s

Hello all,

On a trip to see my good friend Jake in St Helens I thought I would take in some of the local pubs.

So firstly we went to the Bird I’th Hand which was Jake’s local. It was a chilly Monday afternoon and after a long day travelling I was very much looking forward to this pint.

The best way to describe the pub is that it is a mix of a local and a food pub. With a variety of ages from young lads like us to a group of older couples having dinner out there was a good balance. The food looked very tasty and was on special offer on Mondays with two meals for £7.50. However we resisted the temptation to eat as we were saving ourselves for his mums Lancashire hotpot.

After resisting the food it was time to get that much anticipated pint. There was a name on tap that I wasn’t aware of which was Greenall’s.

Greenall’s Brewery was founded by Thomas Greenall in 1762. Initially based in St Helens, the Company relocated to Warrington in 1787.

It bought the Groves & Whitnall Brewery in Salford in 1961, Shipstone’s Brewery in Nottingham in 1978 and Davenport’s Brewery in Birmingham in 1986. For much of the 20th century, the Company traded as Greenall Whitley & Co Limited. The St Helens brewery was demolished in the 1970s to make way for a new shopping centre, the Warrington brewery still stands but is now used for other purposes.

It ceased brewing in 1991 to concentrate on running pubs and hotels.

Greenall’s-owned beer brands were brewed by Allied Breweries at their Leeds and Burton plant. Greenall’s ale can still be bought in some pubs in the North West of England, although it is slowly disappearing and often only the “Greenall’s Mild” brand can be found. Greenall’s Bitter is 3.6% ABV Greenall’s Mild is 3.1%.Greenall’s beer is most often found in the St. Helens and Warrington areas, particularly in former Greenall’s Houses.

Now you know the background of the brewery let me tell you about the pint I had. Greenall’s Best Bitter is a traditional smooth bitter and very cheap at £2.50. It’s served at a very cold temperature with a similar texture to John Smiths but with a lot more flavour.

The Bird I’th Hand is a warm and welcoming local pub with decent food and real ale. I would recommend it to anyone in the St Helen’s area.

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