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The Mermaid, Ipswich

Hello again!

This weekend we decided to try the newly opened pub, The Mermaid. Its situated on the corner of Yarmouth Road and West End Road. It’s a brand new Marston’s food pub, one of the many Marston Inn & Taverns. It’s only been open for a few weeks, and so far has been packed out constantly. They are mainly a food pub, and offer the standard pub food menu, plus a carvery all week.

Now Marston’s in its self is huge. Marston’s PLC own five breweries, and produce a number of beers, Banks, Brakspear, Jennings, Ringwood, Mansfield and Wychwood are all owned by Marston’s PLC, and between their five breweries they have a huge selection of cask and bottled ales. They also have over 2000 public houses, with more popping up all the time.

So we headed down on a Saturday, at 7pm. There were 11 of us, so we were interested to see how long it would take to be seated. We only had to wait for around 20 minutes for a table to free up, which wasn’t too bad considering how busy it was. It is a large pub, with lots of tables, but it has been packed since it opened so we expected some wait. We were seated in a largish booth, with a table pulled up at the end. It was OK, apart from we had to get up every time anyone needed to move!

So its a nice layout. the only setbacks were what you would expect from any packed pub. It was hot, a bit of a squeeze, and always a wait at the bar! The food however was a bit of a different story. You order at the bar, the same as most pubs, and then they bring it over to the table. With the exception of the carvery where you go and pile your plate up yourself. Now we all had a range of different meals, including the main attractiion; the carvery. The carvery, was probably the best by the look of it as the rest didn’t really deliver. I personally had leek and bacon chicken, which was just a chicken breast with runny cheese and little bits of bacon and soggy leek on it. It didn’t taste bad, but was just a bit disappointing. I believe the same went for most meals, they weren’t bad at all, but not what we expected.

Now they did have a bigger range of beers. The ales on offer were all Marston’s own. They had Pedigree, Hobgoblin, Fourty Niner and a few others which I cant remember. They still came under the Marston’s family however. The prices were standard as well, nothing special, and if you visit their page HERE and sign up, you are entitled to a free drink! Just take the email on either paper, or show it on a smart phone to redeem your drink. Any cask ale, or small wine ect.

Anyway, we would again recommend you head down to The Mermaid to try it yourself. It has only been open a little while, so they’re still ironing out the kinks. When it settles down and gets into full swing we’ll be sure to head down again and see how it is. Just be prepared for a wait, and I would recommend the carvery!

Please let us know your experience if you’ve been or plan to go, we would love to hear other people views! Just chuck us a comment under this!


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