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St Jude’s Brewery Tavern Ipswich


This Thursday Jon, Dan, Adam and Myself went to St Jude’s for their grand re-opening! St Judes is a Victorian style tavern, with old church pews and a great Gothic/Victorian feel. It is certainly has a different décor to any other pubs you’ll visit in the area.  On this particular night it was heavily decorated for Halloween too, which was quite fitting to the overall feel of the place.

Now you may remember we have mentioned St Jude’s before briefly in a Pubcask Podcast and also a blog. Sadly St Jude’s closed in May, and it looked like its brief spell as the only completely gravity worked cask ale pub in Ipswich has ended. Now thankfully they have re-opened, all be it with a few minor changes. They now offer two draught lagers, but not normal fizz, these are tasty Czech lagers,  Kozel and Urquell Pilsner. They also have a wider range of bottled beers, including Peroni, and also the fruit cider Rekorderlig.

The first thing we mentioned, was the temperature! It was a bitterly cold night, and the bar was a lovely warm temperature! We only mention this as on our previous visits, it was a mix of hot/cold. Sitting anywhere near the door made it freezing whenever it was opened, and when it wasn’t freezing it was swelteringly hot. However this is now not the case, it was just nice and warm. The second minor change was to the beer list, which has been neatened up and made much easier to read, and sadly you wont find any St Judes own beers on there at the moment, as Frank has taken a break from brewing.

Well, if your planning on heading down to the tavern, we must mention it is not open conventional pub times yet! Although I believe they plan to open full-time as soon as they can, so far they are only open from 1200 – 0000 (last orders) from Thursday – Saturday. Also they open on certain Tuesday from 1600, but only on football evenings.

We had a good sample of beers between us, and cant say that any were particularly bad, unless it was due to not being to our taste. They all tasted fresh (which is good since its the first night) and were served well in an oversized pint glass or glass tankard.  At the time there was only one stout on tap, a number of ruby/bitters and a couple of lighter ales.

Between us we tried a range of beers, that I will list below!

  • Black Jack – Cliff Quay
  • Doombar – Sharps
  • Bonfire Bitter – Westerham
  • Bucket of Blood – St Austel
  • Late Red – Sheperd Neame
  • Trawler Boys – Green Jack
  • Once Bittern – Woodefordes
  • Hobgoblin – Whychwood

Like I stated they were all really good beers. They also have a beer list which hopefully they will keep updated from week to week here.

All in all it hasn’t changed too much. Frank was working the bar and friendly as always. It was reasonably busy, but we did find a seat, and it wasn’t overly crowded. We got served in an average time for a busy pub. To be honest it hadn’t changed too much since before it closed, however we will be sure to visit again and see how it progresses, and always like to see a new pub open up and do well! St Jude’s certainly is unique, and draws its own crowd, and we wish it the best of luck!

If you ever around and looking for a place to try, head down to St Jude’s Tavern. Its On St Mathews Street next to Rasputin, you’ll easily recognise the rustic front, and be warmly welcomed!

We hope to visit again soon!


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