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Argentinian and Swedish Beer

We were tasting beers on a cold October evening. Rob acquired some vouchers for a certain Supermarket and spent them rather wisely on the beer aisle. Alongside the Greene King beers which Rob mentioned we also tried some interesting ones from around the world.

Firstly we tried Quilmes Cerveza which is from Argentina. At 4.9% we described it as;

“A very light yellow beer which tastes very light and is slightly weak. Not a bad beer but nothing special. It tastes like a european lager”.

Next we tasted Frank’s Ginger Beer from Sweden. At 4.0% it was;

“An ale blended with ginger with a great ginger smell and great ginger taste. However unlike most commercial ginger beers it wasn’t too fiery. It was much like a cola icepop/pole that gave a good warming feeling. All in all it was very refreshing! Gooood”!

We were very suprised at our findings. It is fascinating how a country in Southern America creates such similar beers to those brewed in Europe. However the real star of the show was Frank’s Ginger Beer.  It was everything that a ginger beer should be …….. and more.

We are looking forward to trying more beers from obscure countries in the future.

Kind Beergards


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