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The Greyhound

It was a Friday evening and we were off to the one of the best pubs in town….The Greyhound

Situated on Henley Road just a five minute walk from town this pub is well known for its excellent array of beers and fantastic food. The pub is quite cosy inside with a small bar area but it is always busy which is good to see. The Greyhound attracts the young and the old and the welcoming atmosphere constantly makes you feel at home.

Now lets get down to beersness

As you would expect with any Adnams pub their beers dominate the selection at the bar. They constantly have Spindrift, Explorer, Bitter on tap and what we declare at Pubcask as the best Broadside in Ipswich. There are also a few commercial lagers and one guest ale to choose from. The Greyhound has a wonderful selection of food. To see a full menu click here.

So on the night main beer of choice for Rob, Dan and I was Adnams Old Ale. This treat of a beer only comes out during the cold wintery months and it is an absolute delight. A mild ale, dark in colour with that Adnamsesque texture that makes their beers so brilliant.  Also on tap was the new Topaz Gold which I tried but it wasn’t for me and would be perfect for converting lager drinkers. I’ve already mentioned the fantastic Broadside which speaks for itself. The Spindrift is also very tasty as Dan describes “Light, refreshing and easy to drink with qualitys that take you back to a hot summers day. A wonderful beer with that  quality I have come to expect from Adnams”.

The Greyhound is one of the best pubs in Ipswich and the award of Adnams Pub of the Year is fully deserved.

Friendly staff, quick service, fresh beer, great food. The list goes on…………

To find out more check out their website and follow The Greyhound on Facebook and Twitter

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