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Adnams Sole Star and Ginger Beer

Last weekend I took a trip to the Adnams shop in Harleston. It was really nice to have a browse around and the staff were very friendly and even gave a biscuit to our dog waiting outside. As you may know I collect beer bottles and my biggest collection is Adnams bottles. So it was fantastic to see two bottles which I have never set me eyes on before. The Sole Star and Ginger Beer are only available direct from Adnams shops or their website. So I bought a bottle each and tried them this week, my tasting notes are below.

Adnams Sole Star 2.7

Its easy to drink due to the low alcohol content. This amber ale tastes like a mix between a pale ale and a flowery hoppy beer. It has a very watery consistency but overall there is not much to it.

Adnams Ginger Beer 2.5

Unlike most ginger beers which are very sweet this one is more like a lager with ginger flavour. Its more like a ginger wine with a beer like fizz to it. Not great.

So overall I was not impressed with Adnams latest offerings. I would stick to their classics beers such as  broadside, spindrift and gunhill

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