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This week we decided to try another brewery’s beers, and thankfully I had help! So Jon, Dan and myself sat down with six beers from the Paulaner Brewery and thought we would quench our German thirst.

The Paulaner brewery is what remains of the Paulaner Monks. their order began brewing beer around 1634, and Paulaner produces recipes from back then. The brewery has of course evolved over the years, and now produces a large range of beers. In 1516 the Bavarian purity law came into action, or Reinheitsgebot, which banned any other ingredients in the beer other than water, Barley, and hops. Now this has been revised since, especially since yeast was discovered and is obviously crucial to brewing, but the jist of it remains the same. German beers do not have any unmalted adjuncts or fruit or other such ingredients added. the flavour comes from the yeast and they way its brewed. anyway, tangent over!

So the Paulaner Brewery started from monks brewing for their own use, but in 1799, the brewer Franz Xaver Zachrel bought the brewery when therest of the cloister was turned into a peninteary. He started brewing the Salvator beer. The brewery has been mainly unchanged up until the 20th century, however it has had to modernise itself, and it is now owned by a larger brewery group rather than being independent.

Now its that familiar time again, where we get onto the beers!

We tried 6 beers between us, all from bottles from The Beers of Europe.

Premium Pils 4.9% – This was A light crisp and refreshing beer. It is very clear, and light golden in colour. Very light, lager tasting, and quite refreshing. Standard pilsner.

Hefe-Weissbier Naturtrübr 5.5% – Smooth and creamy, dark golden in colour. Bananery flavour. German heaviness, as in creamy. very german esque. Slight smokeyness underlying everything else. Quite sweet, could maybe not drink lots of it.

Hefe-Weissbier Dunkel 5.3% – Dark murky brown in colour. Standard dunkel. Smoked essence. Heavy body. smooth drinking. Difficult to pick out any huge flavours. But a very tasty easy drinkable beer.

Original Münchner Urtyp 5.5% – Very lager, light amber colour. Very fizzy. Maybe too fizzy. quite bland, nothing jumps out. Not one that we were too fond of. Quite a harsh first taste, quite acidic. Pretty much no after taste.

Salvator 7.9% – Coppery red colour. distinctive malty aroma. Very malty beer. Not what we were expecting at all. A huge sweet malt flavour. Strong flavour, can taste the strength of it.

Wiessbier Kristallklar 5.2% – A clear version of the wheat beer. Doesn’t have the smoothness and creamyness of the Wiessbeir. Seems like its missing something.Tastes like a weaker version of the hefe with lagereske tastes and not too great. Smells good, but lacks the sweetness.

Overall Paulaner beers were up and down. It seems they try to do too much with the flavours on certain beers and when they stick to simple wheat beers like the Hefe Weissbeir Naturtrübr and the  Hefe Weissbeir Dunkel then they capture the German Smokey beer scene fantastically well.

Auf Weidersehen

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