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Beer Tasting Session in London

Hello again!

It has been some time since we have had a beer related adventure, but we’re pleased to announce were back on it! Even though this drought is still in full swing, and getting wetter by the day.

Our latest outing is our trip to a beer tasting event set up by Tasty Beer!  Something we have been rather looking forward to.  Tasty Beer is a company that is dedicated to getting real beer to the masses. They hold events where people can come and drop in and try a range of beers, and learn what tastes, smells, and appearance to look for in different styles. They’re passionate about beer, and want to get as many people as possible aware that there are thousands of beer out there waiting for you to try! Which of course, is something right up our street.

They currently run drop in sessions at local venues in London, in which they  liaise with pubs and organise these sessions  to coincide with the pubs quieter periods. The session we attended was in a very nice pub, The Distillers Arms in Hammersmith. The venue itself is not owned by Tasty Beer so unfortunately they did not have cask ales, and all the beers we tried were out of bottles. Which is not a bad thing as we did get a range of beers, but as you know beers can change drastically between cask and bottle, so we only really got a taste of one side of the beer.

We sampled 6 beers in total, and also given some information on what to look out for in them, and an extensive list for us to mark each aspect of the beer. We spent a good couple of hours tasting and making notes on them all, and it turned out to be a great day out, I believe we learnt alot! The beers were all ok, some tastier than others to us but it was good to try beers we probably wouldn’t of picked ourselves and actually make informative notes on them all, which is what its all about.

The beer tasting session was a great success and well worth the trip to London! But what was even better was finding out what’s to come from Tasty Beer!

We managed to grab Justina, the owner of Tasty Beer before we left, and grilled her with a few questions! We found that she is very passionate about British beer! She explained how its all started, from first trying beer while at Uni in Scotland (where better to start?!) to then realising there are so many varieties of beer that no-one is trying! So being an entrepreneur, what better way to get people involved than to run beer tasting sessions.

What excited us the most were the plans to merge Tasty Beer with her other company Craft Beer UK, and focus much more on British beer. They’re working on securing their own venues, so they can then have cask ales for tasting rather than just bottles, and also will be organising meet the brewer sessions where we can go down, try their beers, and also get to now who’s brewed them. The aim is to basically bring craft beer in the UK up to the same standards as in the US, as there are a huge amount of micro and craft breweries in the UK, and such a range of beers we shouldn’t be so far behind!

But watch this space for more updates on Tasty Beer, we hope to go again once they have the new venues and meet the brewer days set up, we’d also definitely recommend to anyone who likes their beer, and to anyone who doesn’t generally drink ales, to go to a session and just try some beers, and more importantly have a chat with the people there! I’m sure you’d be surprised what beers you do actually like.

For the full interview with Justina, listen to the podcast here.

Anyway, we should hopefully be heading out to Sproughton beer festival next week, which was great last year and hopefully will be good this year! Weather permitting!

Stay Classy San Diego


2 comments on “Beer Tasting Session in London

  1. simon curl
    May 17, 2012

    Sproughton beer fest is 19 and 20 may 2012


    • robpyke
      May 17, 2012

      Cheers Simon, we should all be heading down on the Saturday. Fingers crossed for sunshine!


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