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The Euston Tap

Hello Hello Hello!

Just a quick mention of a great little place we also visited in London after our beer tasting. Justina recommended the Euston Tap, and it didn’t disappoint. We arrived at Euston station and thought we would struggle finding the place. We had  our phones to help us locate it but we needn’t of bothered, it was right in front of us!

It looked like a great little bar. Situated inside two old gatehouses, just outside Euston station. They look very small from the outside, and in fact they aren’t overly big once you get inside. We didn’t know what to expect as we walked up, to the very small strange-looking bar, but as soon as we walked in and saw the row of 20 keg taps, followed by 8 cask taps, and many bottled beers in two huge fridges, we loved it. They had such a great selection of beers, it was such a shame we only had time for one each! I had a great Chocolate Stout by Mallinsons, Jon had a porter aptly named Teleporter and Dan went to the fridge and got a bottle of  Weihenstephaner Heffe-Weissbier which was delicious. They were all great beers, and made us just wish we had time for more!

Now inside it is almost as small as it looks. The bar is central and square, and slightly raised, with little room around the edge for seating/standing. There is however a second floor! It can be accessed by a small winding spiral staircase. It’s a quirky layout and makes the most of the small space, although not sure how I would get up and down the stairs after a few pints. Upstairs is just an open square space, with a nice comfortable leather sofa running the edge of the room, with a few stools and tables accompanying it. The toilets are pretty standard, one urinal through one door, and one toilet through the other, but it gets the job done.

The music was also pretty good. It was rather random and quite funky. The whole feel of the pub is great, really relaxed. I’m sure we could have spent the whole day there, if we made it up and down the stairs, especially if it was a sunny day as there was a nice little seating are just outside.

Also for you cider lovers, just across the road is The Cider Tap, we didn’t get a chance to head over there, but I imagine it’s equally as good!

It did however take us a few minutes to get served when there was no one waiting. It seemed that the bar staff were well on their way but all I can say is it was past 8pm on a Saturday night… So you can’t blame them too much!

All in all, if your ever in London and find yourself with a thirst and some free time, take the tube to Euston station, then just outside either side of the war memorial are the gatehouses, you can’t miss them. Well worth a visit!


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Euston Tap feedback

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