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The Mulberry Tree

So on Friday Alice, Jon, Daniel and I went to the recently re-opened Mulberry Tree in Ipswich. It has always been The Mulberry Tree, until 2002 when it was taken over and renamed The Milestone Beer House. It then changed to just ‘The Beer House’ in 2010, and is now back, refurbished, and under new management as the Mulberry Tree once again! Just for anyone who knew the pub under a different name.

As mentioned, its recently been completely refurbished, and has only just opened. In fact there was even the slight smell of fresh paint still lingering in the air, and everything was still beautifully shiny and new! Now, I never actually visited the pub before, so I cant compare  to what it used to look like, however I do know they have completely replaced the fittings behind the bar, and the bar itself is also brand new. They have also stripped it back to the original features, there is a lovely Brick fireplace, and big wooden doors which apparently where panelled over by the previous owners! So its great to see it back to how it was previously made! In fact I believe its even a grade 2 listed building so I’m sure it has some history to it!

And for a brief bit of history… the original Mulberry Tree actually stood in front of this pub, but the one today was built to replace it in the 1930’s. The name ‘Milestone’ was probably given to the fact there is an old milestone ( A stone literally displaying the miles to London) sitting against the outside wall in front of the pub, from when it was moved from the pavement out the front. I pretty sure there is even an old panel stating ‘The Mulberry Tree Tolly Cobbold’ which would of been the original pub sign hidden under the new name boards.

Anyway enough of the old pub!  As I said, its now lovely and new! For details on the pub, and some pictures of the refurbishment you can visit their facebook page HERE! which also has updates of the bands playing, and the beers on tap!

It was a Friday night, and reasonably busy but we were still able to find a seat. The pub is laid out in a corner shape, with the bar running along the inside, and the seating running along the outside, with the actual corner point being made into a small stage for bands to perform.

It doesn’t first appear to be that big, but the actual floor space of the pub is ample, and even when the pub became quite busy with a lot of people coming in to see the band, there was still plenty of space and you didn’t have to squeeze through too much. Also the fact it is a long bar running round the inside corner of the pub means there’s plenty of room to get served.

The service was great, the bar staff were really friendly, and knew what they were doing! We were served quickly and with a smile, what more can you ask for. All beers were served in oversized glasses. Which I think is a given in a pub serving real ale,  and they only other pub I’ve encountered that uses oversized glasses is The Dove.

The range of beers they have is great. They have a number of real ales to compliment the usual lagers and drinks served. I believe they have  8 hand pumps for real ale and cider, and also a number of other beers and ciders available from the Tap room out back, which I’m assuming must be from the cask. So an excellent range of beers!

And how very excellent they were!  I’m sure we would all agree, we did not have a beer that wasn’t fantastic (or really really tasty for you Chris). They had Adnams Gunhill on tap, which I have not seen available anywhere for ages, and it was delicious, it was fresh malty and I could of easily had more than the two I enjoyed. the Adnams Bitter was also excellent, just as it should be. Again it was fresh, lovely and hoppy and refreshing, it seemed a completely different beer to the Bitter we were served in the Lord Nelson, which must have been off.

They also had beers from smaller breweries. We had a Marston’s Moor-Matchlock Mild which was great, a nice dark beer with a great malty taste, not too strong but a great beer.  Jon had a London Pride from Fullers, which was another great tasting beer. Jon even tried a Belle Vue Kriek, a cherry lambic beer from Belgium, which was lovely. Of course they had many more beers that unfortunately we did not get a chance to try (blame having to go to work) and I’m sure their list of available beers will be growing as time goes on.

Other than the very enjoyable beer, the pub itself is really nice. The decor is good, its very light, clean, but still has a good pub feel to it, with the various wall decorations and the original features on show.  The people all seemed nice and didn’t seem to be any trouble. The band was also good!

The band were ‘The Martells’ and did a number of cover songs. Although it did make having a conversation a bit more difficult as being a band they were quite loud, it was nice to have some music and entertainment. After the bar initially emptying as they started, it soon filled up again as they got into full swing.

All in all,  it was a great night, and I thoroughly suggest that if anyone hasn’t been, or went when it was the Beer House and didn’t enjoy it, to head over and have a pint. Its a great pub and I hope we will be frequenting it again and again in the future!

Also check the podcast on our visit here


One comment on “The Mulberry Tree

    April 14, 2012

    Hi – this is Des from The Mulberry Tree here.

    Thank you for the very full description of your visit with us, I’m glad that we appear to have made your evening with us an enjoyable one. My team and I works hard to give the customer what I believe is good value with a service which is often lacking elsewhere I fear.

    I would ask anyone who is unhappy about anything to see us straight away, as we may in the future inadvertantly get something wrong now and again and we’ll try our best to put it right. It is true sadly, that a very very smal number of folk will complain about the strangest of things, usually these are just personal preferances as opposed to things being wrong). Not having an obscure drink in or “What NO football!” (yep, sorry this is a no football pub. Rugby, tennis F1, golf, etc… footie! The ‘County’ did …….and a football loving ‘element’ ended up closing it. I think there is a correlation and I do not wish to malign real football fans. I just know that Rugby fans, of which I am one, are a different type of reveller and more real ale oriantated.

    These are early days guys, so things are still changing on a daily basis. But I truly hope and believe all the small changes are to the good. We hope to see customers old and new and The Mulberry will be around for years to come giving us all good memories.

    Best wishes
    see you again…….and soon
    regards…..Des & the team


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