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The Lord Nelson

Hello faithful Pubcask followers, todays blog will be discussing the trip to The Lord Nelson, on Fore Street. Jon, Dan, and Myself all ventured out this Friday night to this popular, nortical themed pub.

The thirst thing I would like to mention, is the location. It is not the easiest pub to find. It did take us an extra 10 minutes to find the pub, after taking a wrong turn and a quick check of google maps, we stumbled upon the pub. It’s a pleasant-looking pub, inviting one would say. The only downside is there is no parking, which in this day of drink driving is not much of an issue, but there is not even a designated bike rack, Which has its downside.

On entering the pub, you see it is actually a very pleasing sight. Its large semi-open plan floor has a great layout. It gives the impression of different rooms, but also doesn’t make the people sitting at the far end tables feel isolated or ‘left out’ of the main bar. Anywhere you sit in the pub you have a view of the bar, and most of the pub, but the small partitions, and rustic beams break up the complete open space. The bar itself is split into three parts. The main bar facing the middle of the pub, which was full of customers, and open space for people to stand, socialise, and drink. The two ends of the bar are separated from the main part, and make ordering a drink much easier than wading through the crowds. One end is used for serving people in the ‘snug’ area, a few tables off the side of the pub, and the other end serves people who have just entered the pub. All in all it’s another great layout feature and stops people having to push and shove through one main bar area, although ques are inevitable.

On to the food menu. The menu looked good, personally I thought it was slight expensive, but what pub food isn’t today. It was standard pub food, fish, curry, chilli, chips ect. However on seeing other customers order, it looked very good. Big portions, well presented very appealing food. So on a whole we set out to order three portions of cheesy chips! They were the best, biggest, tastiest, cheesy chips ive ever tasted! Is what I would say, if they still served food after 9:30pm, However they don’t, so our bellies went un-answered, and we were forced to watch other patrons enjoy their earlier ordered food.

Now, on to the ales! The Lord Nelson has an impressive set of cask barrels set behind the bar, sporting a number of Adnams ales. On offer today were The Bitter, Old Ale, Broadside, and Explorer. Spindrift was also on tap through the pumps. Apart from the Spindrift on tap, the barrels were the only drinkable ale in the pub. The rest was fizz, with the exception of Guinness EC. The prices were not too bad, but not great. £3.40 for the Broadside, £3.10 for the Bitter, and a whopping £3.90 for the spindrift. However, the quality of the beers was  excellent. The broadside was real, proper, Broadside. It had the lovely malty full flavour that you would expect. Distinctly different from a pint from a Wetherspoons, and also even from the bottle. Thoroughly enjoyable. The Bitter was also very different to that from a bottle, yet not necessarily better. It had an odd off taste, although not completely disgusting and by the end of the pint it wasnt too bad at all. It was a tad overly hoppy, and took the flavour away from the usual slight maltyness.

Ill leave the Spindrift, Explorer and Old Ale to be explained by Jon and Dan on the accompanying podcast here.

All in all, and I hope they would agree, The Lord Nelson is a very appealing pub. It was warm, cosy, not too cramped, and seemed friendly. Even at 9pm on a Friday evening there were families having a pub dinner. It wasn’t too loud, you could hold a good conversation, and not be interrupted. I would definitely like to go there for an evening and actually order some food, and not have to work after, so I could enjoy more of the Adnams beers on offer.

Just don’t leave your bike outside.

So that’s my view on The Lord Nelson. Enjoy.


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